Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Match Report 12 Oct - South Gower

Thanks to all the parents who got 20 boys (and Meg) down to South Gower on Sunday, despite a last minute cancellation by Bonymaen (apologies also for the last minute cancellation of the previous week's game against Fall Bay -we'll have to put some thought into how we communicate better in the future).

Another lovely day meant we got a good training session in before half the squad took on Swansea Uplands. Will and Freddie (first try of the season - well done) scored for the Pirates, good runs from Rhydian, Max, Connor and a great interception from Liam. Despite some great tagging the final score was 5-2 to Swansea Uplands.

The second squad met South Gower and were unable this time to cross the line. Thomas had a great run early in the game and Elias and Dylan both showed good speed down the pitch. The team all tagged well, with Josh picking up the Player of the Week award for crucial tags leading to turnovers for Mumbles.

Both sets of opposition showed excellent defence, which we found very difficult to penetrate. This is a good lesson for us in maintaining the defensive line throughout the game, not just at the start of a play. We also lost possession a number of times, so we need to to think about our passing and picking up loose ball.

See you all on Sunday to work on this!

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