Sunday, 26 April 2009

Penclawdd cup match report

Hi everyone, dont ask me the scores all i know we Won our first game, and nearly had a draw on the second and we were defeated another twice.. overall points we achieved was 2... that put us in third place out of Five teams, so not all bad. Some excellent rugby was played today, we passed the ball well, and our tagging was second to none.

A dedicated performance all round from all the mumbles pirates today! so a big WELL DONE :)

I really hope that you have all enjoyed this season, I have had a great experience as a coach in helping to achieve some great results and help in training them to be the next Shane Williams' Hooks Shanklins and alike.

We have Leaders / Fighters / Winners/ Performers/ and the best of these is TEAM PLAYERS.
it is down to your Children who have given us a fantastic season. I am feeling very positive about the next.....

BBQ BEACH - - - TAG RUGBY GAME parents/grandparents VS MUMBLES PIRATES----

WE ARE THINKING OF 3RD WEEKEND IN MAY FOR THE END OF SEASON BARBEQUE POSSIBLY ON SATURDAY 16TH which is the third weekend in May.... hopefully I will have learnt to play the Guitar by then if not i will bring along a triangle!

We would love it if everyone can attend - what is to be our last outting this season.

thanks to all of your dedication and commitment over this hard but worth it season. :)

Saturday, 25 April 2009


ELLE from Penclawdd has phoned me, and has asked to relay a message onto all of the parents and coaches alike... aim to get down Penclawdd RFC by 9.30am as they are looking for a 10am start with the games.. do not leave it any later as parking will be a big issue, ensued also with chaos!! see you there CMON MUMBLES PIRATES in the words of little Alex "skulls crossbones the MUMBLES PIRATES"

Friday, 24 April 2009

Bus to Penclawdd

The U10's have space on their coach if any one fancies a drink etc. Approx £3 return
Details, below. Please ring Chris at home to book on 405120. The pick up points are as follows;

8.45am - Oystermouth School, Newton Road
8.55am - Dick Bartons – Bus Stop
9.00am - Lilliput Lane – Bus Stop
9.05am - The Woodman

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Penclawdd 26th April Away

Well done to everyone who played in the victory against Penlan, a known strong team. The Penclawdd tournament is this Sunday. Although we tried for two, only one team of 17 can enter so we are limited to the squad below. Let me know if anyone is unavailable so we can adjust as necessary. The planned fixture list is below so please arrive at 10:00 am at Penclawdd for warm up. At our coaches meeting we agreed for this fixture we aim to round off our tag era to the best of our abilities so substitutions may be more tactical than usual!

Connor M, Dylan, Elias, Freddie, Jon, Josh, Jake, Liam, Megan, Max P, Matthew, Ryan, Rhydian, Thom T, Tal, Tomasz, Will

Coaches: Rob, Will, Ceri, Jay & Alex (I hope, as on call)


10.40 a.m. South Gower v Mumbles [SU]
11.40 p.m. Gowerton v Mumbles [SG]
12.20 p.m. Penclawdd v Mumbles [SU]
1.20 p.m. Fall Bay v Mumbles [SU]

2.00 p.m. Mumbles v Swansea Uplands [SG]

Details of presentation night to follow soon

Friday, 17 April 2009

Pirates vs Penlan AWAY

There are two matches left for the season as Dunvant have now cancelled May 3rd. We will therefore post two squads, 1 for Penlan 19th this Sunday and 1 for Penclawdd next Sunday 26th. There will be training down at Underhill this Sunday for those not going to Penlan.

Pirates vs Penlan Sunday 19th at Penlan

Meet 10.30 for 11.00 kick off at Penlan

Coaches Chris, Will & Jay

Max P
Connor O
Thom T
Tomas A

Everyone else training down the park - tag and contact


Rob, Ceri & Paul
Tal, Rhydian, Connor M, Dylan, Josh, Elias, Matthew, Freddie, Declan
(Liam, Jake supporting Mumbles RFC U10 away)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter Sunday vs South Gower

A lot of people are away this weekend and only 5 players have confirmed that they can play this Sunday which isn't enough for a team. This Sundays match against South Gower has been cancelled - there will be no training either, a lie-in for all.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Firstly may I apologise for my wording on "the golden 10" it was all meant in light heartidness really. All of your children are capable of playing Rugby - what i was trying to achieve today was to give the boys who come on a regular basis , a good run and a chance to prove what they are capable of,from which i can happily report they were fantastic!! I have never really watched closely the likes of Tal,Freddie, Connor O,Tomasz, Tomos A, Sean, Ioan and Elias before and they certainly are up and coming stars of the future i think. They all possess key elements of thier game play and certainly played as a team today.

We didnt give Loughor the opportunities that they thought they were going to get in the second and third counts of play. We passed the ball to each other and created spaces in thier very good defence.....I am certainly pleased that we came away with the knowledge that all of the above mentioned Children really did turn up today - some great Tagging - Defence- Attacking and Supporting were all shown . The Man of the Match (well Ball of the Match!) went to Freddie who scored 3 tries!! Tal went over for 2 tries!! Sean scored a great try running down the wing and upsetting thier defence, Tomasz was tagged just short of scoring a try.
Can definately see a vast improvement on the last games that the Children have been involved in of recent times. The Key element for me was ommitting out the likes of Will/Liam/Jake/Megan/Ryan/John - whilst all these excellent players regularly create good game play, the others in the team never really get to have a good run with the ball much - so it was a fantasic opportuninty to see those peform well. REMEMBER -IT IS ALL ABOUT INCLUSION!!!!!! game ended 10-6 to Loughor, but i am happy with the result and the way we played. we could have won it.
Thanks to all the Coaches and the Parents support and help

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Pirates Sponsor Lookout -Ahoy!

We will get new Pirates strip for the beginning of next season. We need to raise some cash and are appealing for sponsors. If anyone has themselves or friends or family with a small business who would consider contributing for the privilege of their logo on the strip we would love to hear from you ( amount too small.

End Of Season Strategy

We are approaching the end of an era as our Tag game comes to and end and we embark on full contact rugby. Following a very successful coaches meeting we want to use our few remaining fixtures to get all the boys and girl involved in as much rugby as possible. First up is the Lougher match. Rob has picked a fresh squad for this one designed to give opportunity and bring out the best as we rest some of the more dominant players. Please emphasize defensive line (team work), tagging and passing. On Easter Sunday we will keep the fixture against South Gower unless sufficient people e email Will ( to say they are doing other things, but please let him know EITHER WAY. We expect everyone who wants play to travel to South Gower rather than a team selection. The squads for Penlan and Penclawdd will be posted next week. Again please let me know EITHER WAY for Dunvant May 3rd bank holiday weekend as we have entered 2 teams and it would be a shame to let them down, so we need to know if you have other plans please ( Good luck to the Lougher squad – everyone else contact & tag training down the park 9.30-11.15.

Pirates vs Gowerton & Penclawdd Gallery

Fall Bay Match Report

An excellent display costing me ice cream for all PIRATES. Strong defensive line with good communication stopped Fall Bay scoring for a prolonged period. Lots of tries, BUT could have been more if we work on not getting isolated on our own. As we switch to contact it is now important to realise that passing the ball to allow the TEAM to continue the attack if more important than the INDIVIDUAL going a few extra metres taking him away from SUPPORT. We will work on this in training more and more. A good win due to functioning as a team in defence. Top tagger went to Jake.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

This Week LOUGHOR away 11am

Hi all, I have been instructed to post a team for the Loughor game, it is away at thier ground, website details are : its more in Gorseinon than Loughor really.... I would like to see at least a team of 10 players - and here are the golden 10 : Tomasz,Josh,Elias,TomosA,Ioan,Tal,Freddie,Alex,ConnorOshea,and we now need Sean (thanks Max' Dad for letting us know Max couldnt make it.) . . if any probs with Attendance please let me know as soon as on this will give me time to organise a few replacements. for the rest of the Hard legged Professionals (you Pirates) training down the park as normal for a 9.30am start, Will, Alex, Jay and John will be ready and waiting for a hard training regime ha ha. We need to work on a few things before the game so can we make a 10.30am turn up at Loughor for those who are mentioned in attending.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday (12th April), we have an away fixture against South Gower arranged. It's the middle of the school Easter holidays and a lot of people are away. Please could you respond to this post if you can play. Thanks. We need to make sure we have enough players if the fixture is to go ahead.