Monday, 27 September 2010

Training1730 underhill junior pitch (carpark)

2 close wins at weekend, well done to all.
Training as usual today.
Parents meeting 8 till 9.30 clubhouse Thursday this week 30th

Saturday, 25 September 2010


SAT: Meet at Underhill at 2pm (KO 2.30pm), the council changing rooms have been booked so that teams can change before or after the match.
We are hosting the visiting team afterwards at the club house. This means that any players must cover up (track suit bottoms etc) or change to go into the clubhouse. A major part of rugby culture is to host teams after the game and is one of the real enjoyments of being part of the rugby faternity.

SUN: Dunvant at home in Bishopston. Meet for 10.15 as usual.

Team selection wil be based on rolling subs for this weekend. There is a meeting arranged for next Thursday for the U10's and team selection is an item on the agenda.

Finally: I am holding a talk on Health & Nutrition at the rugby club on Monday at 8.30 pm and ypu are more than welcome come along. It will include weight management for those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Away Gowerton Meet 12.00 for 12.30 kick off Sunday 19th

Gowerton have requested a late kick off 12,30 so meet at 12 at their ground.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Training 17.30 14th Sept, Underhill Car Park Pitch

Very good reports from last Sunday, looking forward to hearing the players views on what they did well and what we could improve on. Tomorrow we will focus on unselfish running and wiping out.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Win one, Lose one!

Mixed bag today, we did not get in the groove until the second game against Dunvant. That finished 21 - 19 and Jake has to be mentioned in stiffening the team up. Good performances from others mentioned by Ceri.

Training will focus on the tackel zone, as there were too many missed tackles in both games. The new way of playing makes the first tackle really important.

Quite a few are not available next week, so it will be helpful if you could let Ceri know your availability for next weekend.

Advance notice that there are games scheduled for both Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dunvant and Penclawdd bishopston meet 10.15 Sunday 12 Sept

Repeating the 2 game formula as last week. Our focus is BALL RETENTION either by POP PASS before tackle or PENCIL - GUARDDOG- ACTING SCRUM HALF. Run forwards not sideways.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Training Sept 7 underhill 17.30

Well done to all 18 Players on Sunday. John will be focusing on passing this session. We need to decide about Bristol tour in the next few days. Tournament is 10 am til
3pm Sun 3rd Oct. Can everyone tell Ceri at training if they would like to go, we would need a minimum of 11 definates. If we have a team we can look at daytrip vs up night before, hotels are more pricy due to Ryder Cup.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sunday 5th Home (Bishopston) vs Neath & Lougher

We are expecting 2 matches this Sunday at Bishopston. Please meet 10.15.
A good training session for 13 members of our squad this Tues and the hardy 6 who came the week before for kicking training. Given the new rules we will build on our work in the contact area and see how the matchs develop.


ONLY 2 players from each team can get directly involved in the contact

Attack 1 (Ball carrier) goes into tackle
Defender 1 (Tackler) makes a LOW tackle (waist or below)
Attack 1 when tackled does his best to place the ball on his team side (PENCIL) so that
Attack 2 (Guard Dog) can stand over the tackled player and ball in a strong body position to fend off the wipe-out and allow the next player (Attack 3 /acting scrum half ) to pick it up and play on

Defender 2 (assassin) goes in THROUGH THE GATE, ON-SIDE to smash/wipe out the guard dog to push him off the ball to earn a turnover.

Please go through this at home, especially if you missed the early training sessions, so everyone knows the jargon.

Pembroke would like a tour match on Sat 25th Sept at our home. Please can you let me know on Sun/text/email (07814717334/ if you are available so we can confirm, afternoon kick off (?3pm)