Friday, 27 February 2009

Sunday 1st March

We have a match this weekend at home against Loughor. Kick-off is at 10:30, meet at Underhill Park at 9:45 for a training session/warm-up beforehand.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Luctonians Tour 19th April

I did not get enough 'definates' to enter a team for the tour but am very grateful to those who did reply. We are first reserves and my list of players so far is Thomas T, Jake, Ryan, Tal, Liam & Will(if brother George is going). Apologies to anyone else who has repied and I've missed off (I had also a few maybes)and let me know if anyone wishes to be available should we get the nod. I managed to slip a disc on the night after the England Wales match(!) and need a spinal op this week. I hope to draft in some experienced contact coach sessions to steer us into next season in the next few weeks but if anyone has an old pair of boots in the garage and can help the crew while I'm out it would be much appreciated. Fixture list says Waunarlydd away but as I remember they do not have a U8 side - DETAILS for this week(1/3/09) to follow therefore.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Mumbles Double over a great Penclawdd side

Hi Guys, thanks for your support today and what a great turn out again. It was good to see Max bowyer back from a long holiday and Will was in action, everyone who played today played with great Mumbles Pirate passion and turned on the style once again, It finished 9-7 to the Mumbles Pirates there was great passing and movement supporting play and great scoring moments, Will what great running from you and some good tries, Ryan also had some good moments, whilst all of you contributed to a great game. there were some wild passes in the heat of the moment but im sure we can work on those situations in a training enviroment. we have to organise the defence and attcak lines a little quicker in future but again guys I am impressed.

REMEMBER Penclawdd havent really been beaten all season and we have in the last week beat them twice, so that says a lot about our training, our playing and our hunger for the ball. WELL DONE Keep it up team. da iawn
PLAYER OF THE WEEK GOES TO THOMOS TRUSCOTT - Well done! you deserve it :)

picture to follow.. please email

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Home Game against Penclawdd this Sunday

After speaking with Mike and Alex, we will be hosting a game this Sunday with Penclawdd
sorry for the late notice here, I would have liked Crossbones to play against Morriston but that game got cancelled.
I am really keen on getting them a game as that is the best form of training i suppose. We'll see who turns up for the whole session at 9.30am shall we? as I know some of you have made plans this weekend with mini holiday breaks and what not.
I hope we can give them a game and we have enough MumblesPirates turn up.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tuesday Night Action

Sunday 22nd February

We were due to have a match against Morriston this weekend. However, the match has been cancelled - they mixed up their dates (again!!) and arranged a fixture with other opponents.

Instead, there will be training for the whole squad at 9:30 at Underhill Park (Bishopston still out of action).

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

"YEEHAAA Our Squad Is On Fire"

Wow, How good were we on Tuesday Night? Jon, Jake, Josh, Ryan, Tal, Cai, Dylan, Tom T , Liam Rhydian, Connor O.. all of you deserve trophies for the way you played tonight. 8-4 Mumbles Pirates!! where do you start with the match report? our defence our attacking our passing were all outstanding guys, keep it up :) we have certainly set the standard now and raised our game, did you know Penclawdd havent really lost a game all season until tonight, and Chris Under8's coach (penclawdd)was very supportive of us in our hunger for the ball and scoring opportunities, could it get any better?? Yes - even Kelvin from Under 8's Gowerton said we were on fire tonight and complimented us, which is an excellent achievement.. even Chris our under 10 coach was impressed. Wow what a result.

Just to confirm 9.30am training session for the whole squad please.
here are some pictures ABOVE for you to look at courtesy of Tony. Thankyou

Penclawdd Tues 17th 1800 AWAY

Match has been confirmed for tonight for flood-lit action. Definates so far
Tom T
Haven't heard from anyone else - all welcome. I am still struggling with injury (not just hiding after England's demise) but may appear to shout from a chair, back permitting. Rob & J will be there. Go past cuury house in Penclawdd straight on, marshes on the right, pitch on left, meet 6pm. Good luck.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Uplands match report

Well done again today a great effort from all, the scoreline does not in any shape or form reflect the playing we were at times outstanding again team!! some great running and supporting play. we seemed a bit flat in defence at times but that is something we can work on, some excellent and brave tagging going on.. there were a lot of us really wanting the ball and sorry Liam for standing on your foot.
Uplands were definately fired up for a match, and considering we scored the first try they came back into the game. Will tried his best to give a fair and even game in keeping the flow going, and all credit to him Reffing is no fun whatsoever! it finished 4-2 to the Uplands Side and as I said take pride team in knowing we played good rugby today. For those of us who are interested in giving penclawdd a game on Tuesday 6.15pm then please email myself or to confirm I will be attending, and what about the Luctonians anglo welsh cup? why not? weve got a great side lets go for it this season it would be nice to get some added expereince.
Cheers hope to see you Tuesday night down Penclawdd.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Sunday 15th Match vs Uplands, both Squads

After the best team has won the game tomorrow, on Sunday our training has been replaced by a rematch local derby against Uplands at home (Underhill). Meet 9.30 for 9.45, warm up and 10.00/10.15 kickoff. They plan to bring 2 teams so everyone should see action!

Tour & Mid Week Match Reminder

Please see the blog entry below about the tour in April to Luctonions. Only 2 replies so far.......does this mean time to forget it?

PENCLAWDD have asked if we could raise a team to play last week's cancelled match away at their ground on Tues night (Feb 17th) @ 18.15 pm. If there's definate interest let me know asap please (

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sunday 15th February

No match this weekend. Training for the whole squad at Underhill Park, meet at 9:30.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Sunday 8th February

This weekend, we were due to have a match against Penclawdd for the Crossbones and training for the Skulls - both at Underhill Park. However, all games and training have been CANCELLED due to the state of the pitches. Sorry for the late notice, I've only just found out - from my opposite number at Penclawdd!!

There is the possibility of training on Tuesday evening, we'll keep you posted.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Fancy a Tour?

Well done last weekend.
Luctonian RFC Anglo Welsh Mini Tournament
Sunday 19th April 2009

We have been invited to take part in the Luctonian RFC Anglo Welsh Mini Tournament on Sunday 19th April 2009. Luctonians is a very established and well run Tournament. The club is based in Leominster (exactly!).

Several age groups from Mumbles have been invited and are going. Options include night before & festivities or bus/cars on the day.
Premier Inn in Hereford, (the nearest Premier Inn) for evening of 18th April. The cost will be £53.00 for the room and breakfast 2adults, 2kids).

The Tournament starts at 10.00 am, so those wishing to come up for the day could make it with an early start-I think we need 10. U9,U10 and U11 going.

send me an email ( to gauge interest. I'm away this week. Come on the Crossbones with Penclawdd at home!

Some Admin...Please Check

I am finalising the team subscription records for this season (for the Crusader / Pirates / Wildcats who run a joint account) as most (but not all!!) the money is now in. There are two standing orders that I can't match to specific players. Both were set up in Oct/Nov. One under the name of Fitzgerald and one under the name Christopher. If you recognise these standing orders can you please e-mail me on and just confirm the name of the player for whom you are paying (and the team). Thanks for listening. When I have this info I'll finally be able to finish this year's admin, and hopefully next year will be alot easier. MIKE.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday 1st February GOWERTON Match report

Firstly well done to all the Mumbles Pirates today! I know it was a really cold start this morning and for a lot of us, we probably didn't want to venture out into the nasty weather, but that said it was worth it. the Skulls were really fired up for a great game against the mighty Gowerton pack...and boy what a game, its certainly one im going to remember for a long time to come as a Coach - everything today was perfect, our running our passing movement, supporting play Defensive and Attacking lines it was nice to see it finally pay off after all the training we have had.
5-5 it finished with Max Bowyer scoring a Hat Trick (WELL DONE!!) Jake scoring for 1 and our player of the week award winner John.. well done to you :)
Gowerton were strong and Kelvin has trained them well it showed in thier game style and play... we were also strong and gave width to our play by inclusion of great passing finding space and running the lines very closely... THE BIG MOMENT we had 5 tags and just prevented a try scoring opportunity (WELL DONE CONNOR MORT!) we defended well on our line, and closed them down easily so much so that Gowerton were on the back foot and back up to the Half Way line! we got the tags and turned over balls about 3 times it was outstanding to watch as your children started to Gel as a perfect team, i am very proud of what they all acheived today.

Thanks to all
A very Happy Coach