Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Lots of complements from the opposition about our close fought 7;5 game with Pencoed. They were the best drilled team I have seen and so far undefeated so it was great to give them such a competetive game. We will have to adopt the defence cry "READY, SET, OUT" which really focused the taggers.

With the cold weather the hoodies and beanies were a very useful addition.

Tony's Match Report

1st Half
As they lined up before the start, immediately the contrast between the two sides was clear. Mumbles a fun loving bunch of free runners was up against a well organised and intimidating team. I was half expecting to see a haka. The game did not start well with Pencoed powering through the Crossbones line for their first try (A lot to do with very cold hands not being able to tag). Pencoed continued to run and pass strongly scoring five tries. However, the Crossbones flair showed through and the team came back to score three tries using our secret weapon Will. (3-5)
2nd Half
Just like last week the benefit of training showed and the defensive line became stronger as the game went on. Liam scored a very quick try. The Crossbones seemed to have a self belief and were working well together. An unfortunate dropped ball lead to another Pencoed try. The Crossbones dug deep and faced up to Pencoed who shouted out calls to each other as they lined up. Some good running lead to Will’s fourth try and it was only a very good run by Pencoed that enabled them to get a try close to the end. (2-2)
On reflection a 5 to 7 loss is not bad and parents/coaches must be proud as the Crossbones showed great heart and some fine rugby skills to compete with such an organised team on such a bitterly cold day.

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