Sunday, 11 January 2009

Uplands RFC Match Report

Well done to all today for a great effort, it was nice to see the Kids enjoying the pre-match warm up sessions along with a very good game of Tag Rugby.. some excellent movement on and off the ball at times helped claim our second draw of the season at 8-8 we showed strength width and depth, there were a few "WILD" passes when the pressure was on, but we can work on that. I am sure at times i thought the referee could have used his glasses but "i know what its like to be in that position" so, not for me to comment really.
Player of the Week goes to Ryan Cole, who showed great dodging/speed/ and resilience in supporting play - CONGRATULATIONS :) next week we are away to Loughor - Will to confirm with Mike and should see a blog up here soon, so dont forget to keep checking!!

We all seemed to enjoy todays team effort , Will for running behind our squad, Alex also for doing the same and with a dodgy stomach!! Advice: (dont Eat Clams!)

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