Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Luctonians Tour 19th April

I did not get enough 'definates' to enter a team for the tour but am very grateful to those who did reply. We are first reserves and my list of players so far is Thomas T, Jake, Ryan, Tal, Liam & Will(if brother George is going). Apologies to anyone else who has repied and I've missed off (I had also a few maybes)and let me know if anyone wishes to be available should we get the nod. I managed to slip a disc on the night after the England Wales match(!) and need a spinal op this week. I hope to draft in some experienced contact coach sessions to steer us into next season in the next few weeks but if anyone has an old pair of boots in the garage and can help the crew while I'm out it would be much appreciated. Fixture list says Waunarlydd away but as I remember they do not have a U8 side - DETAILS for this week(1/3/09) to follow therefore.

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