Thursday, 1 April 2010

Luctonians Tour Sun 18th

Technically we are allowed 12 players but I am sure we can be flexible. Currently the following have committted to coming - (some people are still deciding).
Jake Chase
Josh Bottomley
Will Mellowship
Liam Taylor
Tal Edwards
Luke Benson
Tom Truscott
Jon Davies
Matt Cornelius
Sean Morgan
Matthew Gully
let me know of any changes/interest (07814717334). Accomodation is at Hereford Travelodge or Premier Inn for the full tour experience. We hope to have a private room in a nearby pub to share with the U11 rabble.The U8s and U10s have a coach with DVD and Toilet!going on the day, meet 7.45am at Rugby Club. There are some spaces, to enquire contact Mike 07846 334962.

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