Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mumbles Pirates vs Farnham/South Gower

The Marathon Men

We had 10 Pirates for the day who all played 3 half hour games, so big hearts all round.  If I get any of the scorers wrong let me know (I was too busy cheering)

In the first game the Pirates were unlucky to lose 3-2 against Farnham 2. At times it looked like we would win, but unfortunately Farnham had enough in the tank to pinch this one (tries from Jon and Sean A). 

For the second game we lost 4-2 against a stronger Farnham 1 team (Jon scored the first one I think).  The second try was a strange uncontested effort scored by one of our borrowed players (it appeared more than a little disrespectful of the effort the Pirates were putting in).   

The final match, against what looked like a very strong South Gower finished 8-2, but the Pirates dug very deep to move down the pitch and score a second try when they were already 7-1 down.  Luke hit the line like a bull on a 5 yard penalty which he REALLY wanted to score.  The try in the first half was a fine team effort with Sean A finishing in the corner.   

The refereeing was as you'd expect at South Gower, tackling was high and ripping was the order of the day, but  the Pirates were all up for it.  Good commitment all round with Jon in particular playing through some nasty knocks.  Well done all round.

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