Saturday, 17 December 2011

Xmas Grudge Match

Time to thank the kids for the generous opportunities they have provided to taxi them around and watch them play in all weathers...The Xmas Grudge Match.


1. the match is uncancellable whatever the weather. If the pitch is out it is on the training areas / caswell beach if frost
2.Fancy Dress is strongly encouraged but must be mud proof.
3. No generation or gender is spared- parents, grandparents, sisters etc welcome, hope for one player minimum/ pirate ( if more than one family member they can sub with each other at will)
4. Format will be family member plays opposite team same position as pirate- may have 2 games going if large numbers
5. Tag belts and tags for tackles (stops those competitive types cheating!), 3 steps to stop or off load
6. Size 17 ball, 6 tag turnover
7 the GRINCH's (John Benson) word is final
8 Port is served for >18s @ half time

Meet 10.30 football pitch Underhill
Can adult players bring a belt/ chord and a pair of long (ski ,rugby,walking etc) socks in case of tag shortage please

Con Club 1300

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