Thursday, 19 March 2009

Match Report, Dunvant 15 March

Great game for the Crossbones against Dunvant. Their referee was excellent and since it was warm and sunny he was happy just to let the game run - I think the final score was agreed at 10-10. Will scored most of these (and got a player of the week award), Tal one and apologies if I missed anyone else getting over the line. Meg did a great job of directing the game - a captain for the future! We saw some great ball handling skills and tagging, but also need to work on the defensive line and supporting during attacking play. The Ref also needed to talk to both teams about some over enthusiastic tackling - no contact until next year!!

Special mentions for Dylan, who volunteered to play (and almost scored) for Dunvant, Elias who had a nasty knock to the head and had to sit out most of the game and Ioan who received the other player of the week award for such good improvement in his play and concentration over the season.

Sorry no photos this week - see you down Underhill on Sunday.

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