Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sunday 8th, Gower Cup & Kit

Well done to all who braved the rain last Sunday. Dividing the pitch into lanes was very helpful to keep the line in attack and defence. Already muddy it was a must to introduce a taste for tackling with an excellent effort by all, especially our ‘volunteers’ Jay & John.


Cheek to Cheek
Ring of Steel
Slide Low

I have had some questions about the Gower Cup at Penclawdd on April 26th. Unfortunately they will not allow us to enter 2 teams and the squad size is restricted For this game only therefore there will be an element of ‘selection’ based on the usual strengths of commitment, attendance, ability, effort and concentration with the will to progress as far as possible in the tournament.

I am pleased that both trophies have resurfaced. There are also a few hoodies and beanies left over if anyone missed out or mislaid. As we introduce contact I would be grateful also if everyone would consider a gum shield and scrum cap to maximize safety. Good luck to the Crossbones at Dunvant. We will be mixing the squads up again for the remainder of the fixtures.

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