Friday, 3 September 2010

Sunday 5th Home (Bishopston) vs Neath & Lougher

We are expecting 2 matches this Sunday at Bishopston. Please meet 10.15.
A good training session for 13 members of our squad this Tues and the hardy 6 who came the week before for kicking training. Given the new rules we will build on our work in the contact area and see how the matchs develop.


ONLY 2 players from each team can get directly involved in the contact

Attack 1 (Ball carrier) goes into tackle
Defender 1 (Tackler) makes a LOW tackle (waist or below)
Attack 1 when tackled does his best to place the ball on his team side (PENCIL) so that
Attack 2 (Guard Dog) can stand over the tackled player and ball in a strong body position to fend off the wipe-out and allow the next player (Attack 3 /acting scrum half ) to pick it up and play on

Defender 2 (assassin) goes in THROUGH THE GATE, ON-SIDE to smash/wipe out the guard dog to push him off the ball to earn a turnover.

Please go through this at home, especially if you missed the early training sessions, so everyone knows the jargon.

Pembroke would like a tour match on Sat 25th Sept at our home. Please can you let me know on Sun/text/email (07814717334/ if you are available so we can confirm, afternoon kick off (?3pm)

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