Saturday, 25 September 2010


SAT: Meet at Underhill at 2pm (KO 2.30pm), the council changing rooms have been booked so that teams can change before or after the match.
We are hosting the visiting team afterwards at the club house. This means that any players must cover up (track suit bottoms etc) or change to go into the clubhouse. A major part of rugby culture is to host teams after the game and is one of the real enjoyments of being part of the rugby faternity.

SUN: Dunvant at home in Bishopston. Meet for 10.15 as usual.

Team selection wil be based on rolling subs for this weekend. There is a meeting arranged for next Thursday for the U10's and team selection is an item on the agenda.

Finally: I am holding a talk on Health & Nutrition at the rugby club on Monday at 8.30 pm and ypu are more than welcome come along. It will include weight management for those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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