Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Match Report 28 Sept - Swansea Uplands

Fantastic weather on Sunday meant we had squad of 20 for training followed by the game against Swansea Uplands. Alex and Ceri demonstrated their newly acquired coaching skills (did you notice!!) which gave the squad a chance to practice their tagging and passing during the warm up.

Thanks to Jan (Will's mum) for taking notes of the game, which I'll crudely summarise... Will continued this season's unbroken record of scoring in the first few minutes. Uplands responded with three tries, even though Tal, Meg, Will and Thomas showed some great tagging. Meg just missed out on a try, which was followed by Will bringing the score to 2-3. Two further Uplands tries meant we were trailing 2-5 at half time.

Rhydian opened the scoring in the second half, and despite good tagging from Liam and Jake, Uplands landed another try. Jake then lead an excellent comeback for the pirates, by scoring the next try, which was followed up by great team defence and Jake getting good turnover ball. A good run by Will and Liam lead to Liam's try, with Rhydian's second try bringing the scores level at 6-6. Uplands managed one more try before Will tied the final score at 7-7.

Will (the coach!) brought the squad together to present this week's players of the week awards, which went to Liam for some great forward running and determination and Rhydian for making such an impact in only his second game for Mumbles. Well done boys (and girl) and sorry everyone couldn't get a mention, but there's always this Sunday against Fall Bay. Will will post more details later in the week.

Thanks to Rhydian's dad for the photos.

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