Monday, 22 September 2008

Match Report, Dunvant 21 Sept

Great turnout for the pirates at their first games of the 2008/9 season. Rob and Mark clearly did a excellent motivational job in warming up the squad (or was it Alex's promise of the inaugural player of the week awards for the best taggers?) as the results were two wins against Dunvant and Skewen.

There was no stopping Will who scored the first of a few tries against Dunvant in the opening seconds of the game. Jake and Thomas also touched down with some amazing running. Congratulations to ConnorO, Rhydian, Ryan, ConnorM and Alex, who made their debut performances for Mumbles - especially Ryan who almost scored a try. I was good to see Elias, Tomasz, Cai, Max, Tal, Ethan and Josh back in action this season who all showed they'd been listening to the coaches with great tagging and some good runs.

At the end of the game Alex highlighted some of the positives - no forward passes, no running into touch and winning(!!), but a bit of work on holding the ball with two hands. Thomas and Tomasz were the first recipients of the player of the week awards for their tagging - congratulations, and don't forget to bring them back next week....

Keep your eye on the blog towards the end of the week for an update on Sunday's action - currently scheduled for a HOME game against Swansea Uplands.

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