Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Pirates at the Liberty Stadium

Great excitement for the lucky ten (Will, Liam, Megan, Tal, Jake, Thomas, Tomasz, Cai, Elias and Max) who took to the pitch hot on the heels of the Ospreys at half time. Will burned up the pitch in the first seconds of the game to score against the competition - Bridgend South. Following an equaliser, Liam scored in the far corner and Bridgend managed to get one back to finish the game at two all. Tomasz proved his 'player of the week award' by delivering some excellent tagging, along with Meg, Tal, Max and Jake. Strong running and passing by Thomas, Elias and Cai resulted in a memorable day for the team.

Thanks to the families and supporters who came to cheer the team along. Hope you've all got copies of the programme which lists the team's names - any photos for the blog gratefully received!

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