Sunday, 5 April 2009


Firstly may I apologise for my wording on "the golden 10" it was all meant in light heartidness really. All of your children are capable of playing Rugby - what i was trying to achieve today was to give the boys who come on a regular basis , a good run and a chance to prove what they are capable of,from which i can happily report they were fantastic!! I have never really watched closely the likes of Tal,Freddie, Connor O,Tomasz, Tomos A, Sean, Ioan and Elias before and they certainly are up and coming stars of the future i think. They all possess key elements of thier game play and certainly played as a team today.

We didnt give Loughor the opportunities that they thought they were going to get in the second and third counts of play. We passed the ball to each other and created spaces in thier very good defence.....I am certainly pleased that we came away with the knowledge that all of the above mentioned Children really did turn up today - some great Tagging - Defence- Attacking and Supporting were all shown . The Man of the Match (well Ball of the Match!) went to Freddie who scored 3 tries!! Tal went over for 2 tries!! Sean scored a great try running down the wing and upsetting thier defence, Tomasz was tagged just short of scoring a try.
Can definately see a vast improvement on the last games that the Children have been involved in of recent times. The Key element for me was ommitting out the likes of Will/Liam/Jake/Megan/Ryan/John - whilst all these excellent players regularly create good game play, the others in the team never really get to have a good run with the ball much - so it was a fantasic opportuninty to see those peform well. REMEMBER -IT IS ALL ABOUT INCLUSION!!!!!! game ended 10-6 to Loughor, but i am happy with the result and the way we played. we could have won it.
Thanks to all the Coaches and the Parents support and help

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