Saturday, 4 April 2009

End Of Season Strategy

We are approaching the end of an era as our Tag game comes to and end and we embark on full contact rugby. Following a very successful coaches meeting we want to use our few remaining fixtures to get all the boys and girl involved in as much rugby as possible. First up is the Lougher match. Rob has picked a fresh squad for this one designed to give opportunity and bring out the best as we rest some of the more dominant players. Please emphasize defensive line (team work), tagging and passing. On Easter Sunday we will keep the fixture against South Gower unless sufficient people e email Will ( to say they are doing other things, but please let him know EITHER WAY. We expect everyone who wants play to travel to South Gower rather than a team selection. The squads for Penlan and Penclawdd will be posted next week. Again please let me know EITHER WAY for Dunvant May 3rd bank holiday weekend as we have entered 2 teams and it would be a shame to let them down, so we need to know if you have other plans please ( Good luck to the Lougher squad – everyone else contact & tag training down the park 9.30-11.15.


Kathryn Dunstan said...

Alex can't make it this Sunday as we are away.

Jaki T said...

Tom T will be at training tomorrow.
Sorry it's irrelevant to rugby but one of the Pirates was at the Waterfront Museum today with us and left his digital camera behind so they put it behind the desk at the museum to keep safe for you. Tom couldn't remember your name and I think you're at Loughor tomorrow so this was the only way we could let you know! Thanks.