Sunday, 26 April 2009

Penclawdd cup match report

Hi everyone, dont ask me the scores all i know we Won our first game, and nearly had a draw on the second and we were defeated another twice.. overall points we achieved was 2... that put us in third place out of Five teams, so not all bad. Some excellent rugby was played today, we passed the ball well, and our tagging was second to none.

A dedicated performance all round from all the mumbles pirates today! so a big WELL DONE :)

I really hope that you have all enjoyed this season, I have had a great experience as a coach in helping to achieve some great results and help in training them to be the next Shane Williams' Hooks Shanklins and alike.

We have Leaders / Fighters / Winners/ Performers/ and the best of these is TEAM PLAYERS.
it is down to your Children who have given us a fantastic season. I am feeling very positive about the next.....

BBQ BEACH - - - TAG RUGBY GAME parents/grandparents VS MUMBLES PIRATES----

WE ARE THINKING OF 3RD WEEKEND IN MAY FOR THE END OF SEASON BARBEQUE POSSIBLY ON SATURDAY 16TH which is the third weekend in May.... hopefully I will have learnt to play the Guitar by then if not i will bring along a triangle!

We would love it if everyone can attend - what is to be our last outting this season.

thanks to all of your dedication and commitment over this hard but worth it season. :)


Jaki T said...

16th sounds great - evening or daytime?
The tournament was great - I think my husband (Tom T's Dad) Andrew should be put forward as a ref next year as he upset so many refs this year by the sound of it!!

connormort said...

16th is fine. Thanks to you Rob and the other coaches for all you have done. I know Connor has enjoyed and is looking forward to contact next season.

Jaki T said...

Any news for the presentation/beach rugby yet?